Emotional Fitness


This book began the day Cynthia Morton hit rock bottom. ‘I was a mother of two young boys, separated from my husband, and an emotional mess – shaking in a room in a psychiatric hospital.’

Having experienced a traumatic and abusive childhood, she found herself repeating destructive patterns that were sabotaging her adult relationship. ‘Even through the fog of drugs and alcohol, I knew I had to get to the bottom of my pain. I now hope that the program that helped save my life will in some way help you.’

According to Cynthia Morton, to be emotionally fit means ‘to be unafraid of being yourself – warts and all.’ She believe that the hardest work we ever do in our lifetime is to build a loving relationship with ourselves: ‘…to be able to experience any emotion without needing to control it, suppress it, chemically enhance it or blame someone else for it,’

Cynthia Morton’s innovative program of 30 ‘emotional workouts’ forms the backbone of Emotional Fitness. These workouts are tailored for different stages along the path to emotional recovery and have been successful used in sessions with individuals and groups. They help people overcome difficult issues in their lives, care for themselves and ultimately reach self acceptance. The book also features expert advice and a foreword from leading Australian psychologist, Dr Timothy Sharp, a keen supporter of Cynthia’s program.

Cynthia Morton reveals much of her life story in Emotional Fitness, her honesty and courage are living proof of the effectiveness of the program.

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