The Four Seasons of the Heart – Growth


The Four Seasons of the Heart – Growth


Based on the four seasons of our calendar year, The Four Seasons of the Heart is a easy to read, one-day-at-a-time resource guide that shares everyday examples on how to build and sustain Emotional Fitness through the series of Anger, Change, Sadness and Growth.

The focus being placed upon the language of the heart which helps the reader master how to ‘hearticulate’ their truth with confidence, clarity and calm assertion. Each individual book in order; Anger, Sadness, Change and Growth offer a diverse range of topics relevant to each of life’s unrelenting emotional seasons. There are approximately 90 topics per book; therefore the full quartet provides the reader with 365 days of choice.

Growth is the emotional Spring of our lives. Love is in the air in springtime.  When all of our emotional hard work blossoms and abundance invites us to relax and enjoy, too many of us self-sabotage or just keep working.  This book its inspirational box set of cards and workshop offers support to those who find relaxing stressful. It also addresses the sensitivity, intimacy and beautiful fragility required to nurture newborn dreams.   Growth also includes remembering to be still, quiet and most importantly to take the time to really stop and smell the roses as we master the art of self-care.


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