Expressing genuine ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and showing heartfelt appreciation as a consistent emotional habit is a relationship skill that is rare.

Increasing our awareness and honestly asking ourselves how often and well we deliberately take the time to respectfully ACKNOWLEDGE we have heard fully what the other person has communicated helps us immensely with building and sustaining quality relationships.

Resolving misunderstandings is rarely about who is right or wrong, but more about ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and appreciation of our human differences.

Whenever I am working with a client on improving their Emotional Fitness who has an issue with a competitive partner, sibling, friend or colleague, it is time for some ACKNOWLEDGEMENT homework.

We of course cannot change others only ourselves.  The only “better than” that counts is when we become today a “better” version of ourselves than we were yesterday.

Focusing on others not ourselves deprives us of genuine self-ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

When we have done our best, and feel impressed ACKNOWLEDGING our own heartfelt efforts, self-parenting ourselves lovingly, our healthy self-confidence grows.

Personal empowerment in adult life is a result of consistent self-honesty and heartfelt ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of our own undeniable truth.

Unhealthy competition and jealousy is the result of the absence of self-ACKNOWLEDGEMENT followed by self-respect of our individuality.

And of course we can’t give away what we haven’t got so …

An emotionally unfit, fearful heart needs to fearfully compete with others, whereas a mature heart will freely ACKNOWLEDGE and compliment another’s efforts and compete with heart and good sportsmanship.

Girls and boys jealously compete with others …

Emotionally fit women (The benevolent Queen archetype) and men (The respected King archetype), however, genuinely empower others.

So let’s remember that wisdom is the reward we’re gifted with when we commit our heart to listening, learning from and ACKNOWLEDGING others during those times when our fearful ego would have preferred to compete. Useful knowledge is gained in life through our ability to ACKNOWLEDGE that there is always more to learn, no matter how old and clever we are.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx


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Cynthia Morton

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