Our greatest desires and our worst fears often are magnified as we shiver with ANTICI……………………………..PATION.

The art of ANTICIPATION is a multifaceted skill to master. When it comes to delayed gratification learning to wait for those delicious treasures in life our heart truly loves and deeply desires, ANTICIPATION can sometimes be more exciting than the actual event.

As a recovering addict I needed to makes some major changes and learn to respect this emotive state of ANTICIPATION for it is about living in the future, not the here and now.

It was explained to me that those of us with creative imaginations don’t just build castles in the sky, some of us emotionally move into these fairytale palaces. When ANTICIPATING how a romantic evening might unfold, a job interview or a wonderful New Years Eve hopefully plays out, many of us have come crashing down from our castles in the sky crushed by disappointment. Our castle of divine ANTICIPATION may snowball in our imaginations rocketing off into fantasyland leaving every day reality far, far behind.

So I have learned that ANTICIPATION is an inevitable component of life, however, when it arises staying grounded in reality is wisest. Of course we all have preferences on how we would like life to unfold, however letting go of emotional investments in outcomes intercepts disappointments.

ANTICIPATION can be fuelled with either fear or love it is up to us.

A tried and true loving approach when ANTICIPATING facing an unpleasant conversation or challenging situation is to remember respect at all times for ourselves and the others. Remembering to not give into fear keeps us grounded in the here and now and implementing respect minimises unnecessary upset for both parties.

When ANTICIPATING a wonderful event like the birth of a child, a great holiday or receiving a great reward I used to find myself self soothing my building ANTICIPATION with thoughts of tragedy. Some of us are far more comfortable feeling underserving of wonderful rewards in life robbing ourselves of joyful ANTICIPATION. In these instances once again remembering to not give into the fear of the “too good to be trues” by imagining a horrific unforeseen crises resulting the dream being taken from us can also be a discipline.

So as we review how we handle the emotive state of ANTICIPATION does it bring up anxiety or joy?

If anxiety and ANTICIPATION have become interwoven no matter whether the event is lovely or challenging grounding ourselves in the here and now with our breath and our feet is a powerful anchor.

Taking off our shoes and allowing or heels to kiss mother earth is a simple and effective healing cure for anxiety induced ANTICIPATION.

As Alfred Hitchcock reminds us …

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the ANTICIPATION of it”.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx


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Cynthia Morton

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