Desperate people throw themselves; lazy people accept their offer.

Most of us can confess to have at least once been in a relationship where we were perhaps just a little desperate or lazy, or both. Neither of these human attributes are ATTRACTIVE long term. They are quick and easy relationship options. One person nominating himself or herself to do all the emotional work, the other agreeing to do none.

Ever been at either end of a relationship like this?

If we are going to be really honest, most of us also have superficial physical preferences when it comes to choosing a mate or friend. We are only human, which is why so many of us respond to marketing that features attractive models and celebrities.

It’s a fact that ATTRACTIVE people are more likely to become leaders, make more pay, get better opportunities and attract other ATTRACTIVE partners as mates. But what is ATTRACTIVE? And why?

It is a huge myth that beauty alone is the only thing that makes people ATTRACTIVE. Beauty alone without character, confidence and compassion soon becomes tiring for adults looking for long-term intimate partners. There are many people out there with slightly better than average looks who are a magnet for adoration. However, if we honestly review all of the ATTRACTIVE people we know, most are not movie-star material. We all know some who are beautiful on the outside but not very ATTRACTIVE as partner or friendship material once you get to know them.

Authentically ATTRACTIVE people make it their business to maintain self-respect regardless of what happens when the shit hits the fan in their lives. I have listed a few human traits that ATTRACT respectful and quality relationships that I have observed for you to consider:

1. Make others feel ATTRACTIVE as well. Each person we are in a relationship with brings something special to our world. Ensuring we enhance their unique heart print with the best we have to offer creates and sustains a win, win relationship.

2. Take good emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual, intellectual and financial care of yourself. It is difficult to be around people who neglect themselves. It is often a clear sign of low self-esteem. ATTRACTIVE people hold themselves in high regard. They are strong in rituals of self-respect.

3. Smile, deliberately. A lot! When we look in the mirror, greeting ourselves with a warm smile as we would to someone you were happy to see. When talking on the phone if we smile it shows up in our voice as an ATTRACTIVE, warm and welcoming tone.

4. Dress with pride and style. Dressing well does not require a lot of money, but it does require a bit of thought and care. ATTRACTIVE people dress with style, authenticity and self-respect not because of vanity, but because they know that clothing enhances or detracts from our mood and tone.

5. Listen with an open heart. Many people are preoccupied with themselves and what is on their own mind. So when someone genuinely shows interest in another listening and giving their full attention immediately strengthens their connection with that person.

6. Learn with an open heart. There is no question that smart is sexy and ignorance is ugly. ATTRACTIVE people remain teachable and don’t disappear up their own arse as know-it-alls.

7. Take care of those you love. A generous spirit is an ATTRACTIVE on so many levels in a world where self-absorption is a common trait. ATTRACTIVE people know that insensitivity, disloyalty and a closed heart are a major turn-off.

So as we review what we are ATTRACTING in our own relationships keeping in mind that we ATTRACT relationships we believe we deserve, are you as ATTRACTIVE as you thought you were?

The rubber hits the road in our relationship with ourselves.

This is the true test of our own character, confidence and ATTRACTIVENESS.

Are you happy and content just being in your own company without any weapons of mass distraction? You know work, exercise, food, booze, drugs, computers, phones or television?

Our ATTRACTIVENESS will increase the more we become someone we truly want to be around.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.