Sometimes we deliberately avoid new BEGINNINGS because what we are really trying to do is to intercept and avoid any potential endings.

Sound familiar?

If we want to really live, we have gotta remain brave enough to love. Otherwise our time on this earth will be one of survival, on emotional remote control. No love, sure no pain, but no joy, intimacy, adventure or delight either.

So many go through life avoiding change and any opportunity for a new BEGINNING. There are those among us that have too many emotionally traumatic associations with love and happiness. Being in love requires we open our heart to a new season of life. Love is like a flower thats seed in our harsh emotional Winters seems dead, absent and gone for ever from our lives. If we keep the door of our heart bolted after a harsh winter, not opening up to the other seasons of life, Autumn, Summer and Spring, life remains bleak.

The years are divided into not just environmental physical seasons, but emotional ones as well. For growth we require change. Endings of one season and BEGINNINGS of new seasons.

I have struggled many times to try and find the emotional courage to believe in love and life after two marriages that only cycled through a few seasons then all growth seemed to halt.

There were times in my life where I needed to be willing to go deeper, trust more and become more vulnerable, so I stepped back and shut the door. Sometimes shutting the door on another so we can have time alone is the most powerful BEGINNING. But we have gotta open it again at some stage and let some sunshine back into our lives. It is easy to get comfortable in our own space with our own routine; it is safe and predictable. We remain in control and our heart’s malnourished of new opportunities for growth.

So I invite you to review how you feel about BEGINNINGS.

Anxiety is to be expected when new BEGINNINGS are on our emotional horizon.

Anxiety is always our companion when we are trekking new emotional territory, reminding us to go at our own pace, be cautious and to preserve self-respect. So if we delay new BEGINNINGS only because we are anxious, we are selling ourselves out. Once we take our beloved anxiety by the hand and own its awkwardness we also embrace our humanness.

Letting any new love know we are a little anxious and awkward often creates a genuine connection far better than bullshitting and false confidence.

On my first date with my darling hubby and best friend since 2003 (Mr Delicious) I introduced him to my awkwardness and anxiety immediately. I confessed to feeling overwhelmed and flustered and it was a powerful icebreaker for my heart that had frozen up a little after too much time alone in a harsh winter.

Go on, allow yourself to start again at a heartfelt dream you’ve been putting on the backburner for way too long. You so deserve a beautiful life, what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present. Why not give yourself permission and just go for it? Dare to be happy and share your joy, the world needs more of our love, laughter and courage.

If a change of emotional seasons is something we avoid, our heart’s garden cannot grow into its full potential year in year out. We all deserve to have love not just growing but thriving at the heart of our lives, so let’s befriend new BEGINNINGS, not fear them.

Robert Groves reminds us that …

“New BEGINNINGS and new shoots spring again from hidden roots, pull or stab or cut or burn, love must ever yet return.”

Lotsa Love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.