Until we are willing to do our emotional work to heal past wounds we won’t have the emotional muscle for responsible adulthood, nor the strength for real and enduring relationships.

Healthy, lasting adult relationships require we grow up and know how and when to speak up, shut up and show up. Until we understand how to honour ourselves we can’t do it for others, and others won’t desire to do it for us either.

Life comes a BITTERSWEET existence without loving self-care.

We simply can’t give to others what we haven’t got for ourselves. When it comes to sustaining loving relationships we may get close, but there will be no cigar, no celebration and heartfelt commitments, only BITTERSWEET endings.

We might nearly get there, but won’t make it all the way. Songs are written about this
BITTERSWEET type of relationship model ….

“Didn’t we almost have it all?”

When we live a life of emotional, physical, financial, sexual and or intellectual denial and self-neglect that’s what’ll show up in our relationships too. People will leave us or we’ll leave them on a BITTERSWEET and sometimes even a very sour note, leaving a bad taste in our mouths about ourselves and relationships.

When we squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out and it’s either sweet, BITTERSWEET or bloody sour. When a relationship squeezes us because the other party wants to know what’s really going on inside of us, because our words and actions don’t add up … what will will come out?

Sweet love or BITTERSWEET fears?

Do we find ourselves emotionally palatable or do we have contempt and distaste for who and how we really are?

Has our relationship with ourselves become BITTERSWEET, tainted with fear?

From this moment forward let’s choose to become more willing to work our emotional muscles and get real about addressing any areas in our lives that need sweetening with some more love.

How are we at looking after ourselves emotionally, physically, sexually, financially and intellectually?

Unless we start to really give a damn about our level of self care and take full responsibility for who we are and who we’re not, our relationships will turn sour.

So are there any areas that we’re BITTER about that need SWEETENING with some self-love?

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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