“If you have to CHASE love, it isn’t love.  Love meets us halfway.”  

Jeff Brown reminds us with a simple quote that there are many things in life worth the CHASE, but love is NOT one of them.  Initially courting may involve a delicate dance of connection as both parties will check for safety and wisely be a little cautious to start with.  But once a connection is made, from that point forward if one party needs to consistently CHASE to reconnect it is wise to reassess and take a breath.

When we are in a habitual CHASE for love, affection or attention we will in time tire and run out of energy.  My question is …

“Why is the one we seek connection with running in the first place? “

We do have to ask ourselves if we are attracted to unavailable people?  It is emotionally safer to CHASE emotionally unavailable people because consistent intimacy will not be sustainable.  Drama will be, but not reliability.

Does our intimate history show that we are more experienced with drama than reliability?  If so, that “emotional app” does take deliberate, time, patience and a shitload of courage to uninstall.

So today’s Word Vitamin offers a simple reminder when it comes to the issue of CHASING if it is a habit that has lead us to consistent disappointment.

When it comes to our inbuilt human instincts, we want to CHASE what we feel is getting away from us.  However we instinctively run away from what is CHASING us.

Sometimes the most difficult Emotional Fitness workout is to stop, breath and stand still reviewing what is fuelling our intention.  Is it love, or is it fear?

If we are afraid that something or someone is getting away from us, maybe we have become complacent about being emotionally attractive?  

The key word is “being”.  

If being the best emotional versions of ourselves is something we have stopped investing in, we cannot blame another who also choses to do the same.  However, if we are at peace with who we are and who we are not just physically, but more importantly on an emotional level and then another loses interest, being false to recreate an interest has a short-term use by date.  

We all have to make some changes for the better and compromise meeting the other half way to better quality emotional relationships over time.  If the other party does not choose to work on the problem, and have lost a desire to connect sometimes the most loving thing we can do for them and ourselves is let them walk away.  No need to CHASE, they will just run.

If we are running from something or someone the most difficult Emotional Fitness workout applies to runners too.  It takes great discipline to actually stop running, to catch our breath and stand still reviewing what is fuelling our instinct to keep running.  Is it love, or is it fear?  Why do we feel unsafe?

So how often do you CHASE?

How often do you run?

How emotionally willing are you to meet love halfway?

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.