o connect with, more like their mates.

Where superiority, arrogance and CONCEIT are present so is a lack of understanding. Where there is emotionally disconnected hearts overly focused only on the ego’s intellectuality and physicality emotional availability, understanding and intimacy become compromised.

So if CONCEIT is an issue in your relationships it is a sign that fear is ruling this connection. When people feel emotionally unsafe or unskilled they hide behind the ego’s armor.

So rather than blaming or shaming others or ourselves for being CONCEITED, becoming the very thing we are upset about, why not try a different approach?

If we replace a willingness to understand and a heartfelt desire to connect with respect, putting humanitarian love and compassion before ego, the CONCEITED behavior will diminish and a more authentic emotional connection then becomes an option.

As the wise Leo Tolstoy reminds us …

“CONCEIT is incompatible with understanding.”

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

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