For a basic heart CONNECTION with a loved one to survive busy daily life the relationship requires a minimum of four gentle physical forms of touch per day.

To maintain a healthy heart CONNECTION we require eight tender touches per day.

However, to build a robust, quality, intimate relationship 12 loving CONNECTIVE touches per day. This commitment to take the time to stop and check in with each other makes the difference between a good and a great relationship.

A heart-CONNECTING touch is considered a holding of the hand, gentle hand to the cheek, or hand resting for longer than seven seconds on the one you care about. A hug or kiss that lasts for over seven seconds is worth two hand-only CONNECTIONS.

How are you going in giving and receiving heartfelt CONNECTIONS with those you love the most?

Is your CONNECTION strong or are you losing your signal with each other?

A strong heart-CONNECTION signal occurs when laughter, tears, eye contact and conversation about true love and shameless fear flows freely. Like signal bars on our mobile phone, the more bars the stronger the signal and the better we are received.

If we deny or control humour, sadness or refuse eye contact, touch or willingness to speak our truth, we lose personal power, our heart signal becomes weak and eventually disconnection is inevitable. We lose CONNECTION when we deny our common senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, sound), our heart signal drops and we go out of communication range and we do not make sense. Others will sense when we are disconnected and our heart is just not in it.

So from now on let’s remember to be willing to make the effort to gain a better reception and stronger heart CONNECTION.


Here are some simple suggestions to consider …

1. Let’s not just look at, but take the time to really see those we love

2. Become more willing and open to gently touch and be touched by them

3. Ensure when we speak it’s in a respectful tone

4. Offer only love-filled kisses and hugs, not obligatory, duty-based remote-control pecks, investing deliberately in snuggle time just to enjoy their soft scent

5. Eat meals together without any other distractions (work, phones, newspapers, television, too much booze)

If we choose to monitor these five CONNECTION points with those we love just a little closer, we will then notice we send a stronger signal and gain better reception with those we choose to keep a strong heart CONNECTION with.

Using our common senses when it comes to keeping a robust love CONNECTION is so simple, yet a skill so rarely mastered it could be classified as a superpower!

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

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