Everyone has the right to be angry, but none of us have the right to be CRUEL.

Ever said ….

“Whatever” dismissively when a complex emotional issue arose?

I have.

Mostly to myself.

Sometimes I crank it up a notch with my CRUEL self-talk and instead of muttering …

“Whatever” to myself my ego passive aggressively says to my concerned heart …

“I really don’t give a rat’s arse!”

When we stop caring about pain, anxiety and our heartfelt desire not just to love and be loved, but to know and to be known, CRUELTY grows. It grows within our own heart first. CRUELTY is born from a habit of self-neglect. If we don’t or won’t care and pay attention to our own heart’s truth, we don’t and won’t long term be able to honestly care and pay attention to another’s heartfelt truth.

It is a well-worn recovery slogan that is oh so true …

“We can’t give away what we haven’t got,”

If we dismiss our own truth and refuse to sit with and work out our own natural feelings of anger, jealousy, confusion and doubt, we will be unable to resolve these feelings with another.

Some things in this life are unhealthy not to get angry about. Injustice, violence, betrayal of trust and irresponsible neglect of children. Healthy, responsible anger can fuel change, however, suppressed, neglected anger ferments into rage and CRUELTY.

So let’s review the last time we were dismissive towards ourselves or another’s confronting feelings. When a heart is in pain, anxious and sharing a heartfelt desire not just to love, but also to be loved, not just curious to know the truth, but to have their heartfelt truth known too …

Are we caring or CRUEL?

Physical and Emotional Fitness involve working out, not overnight, but one day at a time, our weakness.

We exercise our head, heart and body in order to gain strength and self-respect. Let’s own our weakness, not deny it and flick it off like an adolescent coward with a passive aggressive …

“Whatever, who really gives a shit” response.

Those times when we drop the ball in relationships with others and ourselves and act with a CRUEL, cold and closed heart is an opportunity to learn and make change. CRUELTY is a sign of emotional weakness that takes a great deal of strength and courage to own and correct.

So let’s deliberately work on deleting the “Whatevers” from our inner and outer dialogue?

If we consistently work the muscle of caring to eliminate any fatty, CRUEL deposits one day at a time, our world becomes a kinder and gentler place.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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