To master the art of consistently appreciating and respecting our DIFFERENCES in taste, opinions, priorities, beliefs, culture, gender and humour is a lifetime challenge.

The desire to make one of us wrong can be so seductive when something or someone DIFFERENT crosses our path.

We choose partners and friends because they are DIFFERENT in some ways from past lovers or people we have encountered. The very DIFFERENCES we find attractive in time often become the very character attributes we also find the most challenging.

For example, someone who is “fearless and strong” in their character when they are agreeable with us helps us feel safe and supported. However, these very same characteristics when this certain someone challenges or disagrees with us we might reframe because they see something DIFFERENTLY by calling them “uncompromising and stubborn.”

So it’s wise to remember that it is not our DIFFERENCES that cause arguments, it’s our inability or unwillingness to respect, honour and learn how to agree to disagree lovingly with others that creates separateness and pain.

Let’s decide to not withdraw our love and respect from those who are just DIFFERENT to us, but choose to learn and compromise wherever possible.

Understanding, patience and respect of our DIFFERENCES is a unique life skill that fuels lasting love.

So why not become willing to relax in future as we share the comfort in our similarities and celebrate the emotional growth our DIFFERENCES provide for us all just a little more.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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