Looking for DIVINITY in our external human world can at times be a challenge.

Where we can discover a reliable source of DIVINE strength is in our internal world. However most of us have to learn how to master quieting ourselves enough to access it.

Our noisy thoughts race through our heads sometimes like speeding traffic in downtown New York City. Horns beeping, red lights interrupting our peace of mind as careless jaywalkers cross dangerously in our paths.

In order to attain a DIVINE state gifting us with peace of mind takes discipline. The beautiful white dove called DIVINITY will only land on our heart when we are calm and quiet. A white dove is a universal symbol often used to remind us of the DIVINE peace and calm we all crave to visit our heart not just from time to time, but as a regular welcome guest.

So if we would like the white dove of DIVINITY to hang out with us a little more, let us become willing to quieten ourselves enough for it to land. Dawn and dusk are generally the quieter times as the day cranks up and winds down. For some it will be challenging to allocate a regular time especially for young parents or shift workers. However it is imperative we find some time to allocate to deliberately still ourselves. When we master being still instead of being busy, as a lifestyle habit DIVINE peace will begin to land in our lives. Sometimes it helps to visualise our own internal white dove and to invite it in ensuring there is space for them to land on our busy hearts and settle for a while.

We all have the capacity to access then build a relationship with the sacred DIVINE; it is our innate birthright. We are all born with unique fingerprints and heart prints. Our heart prints are like landing lights for the DIVINE white dove to touch down. Too many of us clutter up our lives overdoing in attempt to create external peace. Only when we make space and declutter through being still and quiet can DIVINE inner peace, like a white dove land in our lives.

Henry David Thoreau reminds us …

“Nature is full of genius, full of the DIVINE; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.”


Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

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