What and who DRIVES us to our happy place?

We make the most progress in our human vehicle in DRIVING our life towards the destination of our dreams when our head and body are DRIVEN by our heart’s energy.

However, what fuel we select to energise our heart with determines how much we enjoy or dread our journey within our vehicle of humanity as we travel through our life.

Do we fuel up each morning for our day’s journey ahead on love or fear?

Love turns on our headlights and starts our body’s engine when we turn the key.

Fear on the other hand leaves us without headlights, and is cheap, unreliable fuel that clogs our engine.

Living our life is a little like DRIVING a car at night, we can never really see further than our headlights, but we can make the whole trip that way, just focusing on what’s in front of us, not what’s behind us. One day at a time being present to each moment is truly living.

Our DRIVE is often also called our ambition or passion; whatever word we prefer, nonetheless our DRIVE is our key component to reaching success, regardless of how we define success in our lives.

If we surrender our responsibility to DRIVE our own lives we will live in a state of consistent emotional discomfort, for only we know the exact speed that suits our energy levels.

With another person in our life’s DRIVER’S seat we’ll find they’ll either DRIVE far too frustratingly slow, taking all the fun out of our life experience, or they’ll DRIVE way too fast like a bloody maniac leaving us feeling unsafe, as they become insensitive to us, forgetting we’re in the passenger seat.

So let’s remember as adults to remain in the DRIVER’S seat of our own lives and not give the keys of our personal power away to anyone.

It is also wise to ensure we fill up with love to ensure our headlights are working and our body’s engine is full of clean fuel.

One last reminder, nobody has the ability to DRIVE us bloody crazy unless we give them our keys!

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
© Copyright 2016 Cynthia J. Morton Emotional Fitness™

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