“EGO is not a dirty word.” Are you old enough like me to remember Skyhooks?

Our EGO will often big note itself writing cheques from our heart’s energy accounts with our time and or self-respect putting us into emotional overdraft. Our EGO can eventually emotionally bankrupt us albeit while creating the perfect career and physical appearance if we let it run our life and dictate the script.

EGO runs on fear and approval, is toxic and will infect our heart with chaos. Only heartfelt love and emotional transparency emotionally detox us and get our lives back on track.

What do I mean when I use the word EGO? I mean those times when we think, speak, write or act hiding our fear, unable or unwilling to responsibly honour our truth. When our EGO leads fear is writing our life script through our thoughts and actions. It can be a real head rush and an exciting adrenalin surge in the beginning.

Instant gratification is a seductive option for us all.

However, long term with our EGO only in charge of our life script we will begin to feel like something in the life we are writing for ourselves is missing. We will feel empty, maybe even fraudulent, like we are living a lie. That is because we are.

Our EGO is afraid of our heartfelt emotions and will deny our heart’s truth at all costs. However, when our heart is the scribe of our life script love, truth and passion begin to show up on the page and on the stage of our daily life. We are on track when we are willing to delay instant gratification for heartfelt authenticity. Birthing our heart’s beautiful words of truth provides us with a portable inner light for life. When we speak or write about our deepest selves, we not only set our heart on fire but also pass it on to our readers and loved ones. This warm and beautiful inner light is often called enlightenment.

So just a quick reminder that it is always our EGO that blocks our heart from the bravery we require to love and be loved. Our EGO struggles most with the key three phrases I go on and on about, that we need to become fluent with if we are to become and remain emotionally fit human beings. Our EGO is always reluctant to say …

I love you
I am sorry
Please help me understand

No, EGO is not a dirty word, just a fearful, stubborn one that hunts for problems. Our EGO catastrophises what does not matter and minimises what does. So a last-minute suggestion to consider when our insecure EGO is becoming the most important thing in our relationship. To become a bigger person and operate from a place of love we’ve gotta allow our heart’s wisdom to create an authentic connection; this only happens when we deliberately decide to dump the E and let our fear GO.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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