Emotional Pesticide


“So bite me bitch!”

Has your computer ever said that to you when asking it to just do its damned job?

Have you ever really lost it with your laptop, phone, remote control or other innocent device and punished it with harsh words or physical consequences?

Ever thrown an object in utter frustration, telling it off as you hurtle it through the air?

How about bashing something against a desk or a wall, repeatedly showing it who’s boss and what will happen if it keeps fucking with you?

If you have not then this message might not be relevant for you. It might, however, help you understand those of us who are still trudging the road to happy destiny. Some of us do still lose their shit from time to time with pests like flies and mosquitos and disobedient objects.

If you like me have found yourself a tad hysterical, bought to tears or shouting or even menacingly whispering your most demeaning swear words at things or perhaps a rebellious fly or mozzie who is clearly enjoying tormenting only you … Well this, my friends, is what I call an act of EMOTIONAL PESTICIDE!

EMOTIONAL PESTICIDE is just a fun term for the arguments many of us have with things that actually do not have a personal issue with us, but we take their inconvenient disobedience very personally. This is our cue, an emotional alarm to let us know when we are emotionally out of balance and without humour if we are able to stop and self-observe.

Just a few EMOTIONAL PESTICIDE checkpoints to review for your consideration.

When we are being pestered consistently it erodes our internal peace. So often we lose it with inanimate objects when we have been self-neglecting. Our innate need to self-care will pester us if we ignore it. Like a hard to ignore car alarm going off, we are supposed to pay attention to our inner alarms. Are we hungry, angry, lonely or tired? If we are we need to stop what we are doing and take a break.

1. If we do not ignore inner alarms and self-care we are more at peace with ourselves. Internal self-respect means external inconveniences become less disruptive.

2. If we are suppressing anger it will not go away, but either leak out as excessive impatience and frustration or leak inward creating depression.

3. Our ego (physical and intellectual energy) becomes a pest when it wants to neglect emotional self-care and boss our heart around. Putting ego before loving care towards ourselves and others always results in pain.

4. If we can’t laugh at ourselves we have suppressed our joy, signaling we are in a state of pain management. Until we deal with what is really upsetting us irrational acts of EMOTIONAL PESTICIDE will continue. A damned good cry is sometimes the best solution to release tension and let the sunshine of laughter lighten our day.

I wrote this piece to help me review my own emotional homework when it comes to addressing and reducing acts of EMOTIONAL PESTICIDE. It encourages me to remember that all our external frustrations and impatience is self-induced through a lack of self-neglect. When we are not hungry, angry, tired or lonely we might still get upset, but we do not totally lose our shit.

The outside world full of inconvenience and chaos can invite us to indulge in EMOTIONAL PESTICIDE, so we either accept or decline the invitation; it’s up to us. Ol’ Carl Jung reminds us …

“What we resist, persists.”


Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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