Emotional Work

“If you can laugh together, you can WORK together”.

Robert Orben reminds us that a happy heart is the key to true success in whatever we are WORKING on.

Our WORK ethic in life reflects our relationship with ourselves and others.

When we take time to review how and what we WORK on everyday, it is important to focus on what it contributes to our character and self respect internally rather than what others think of our career and cash flow externally.

So many WORK hard for external wealth and validation whilst ignoring their relationship with themselves and others resulting in emotional bankruptcy.

Our hearts hardest WORK for many of us is unseen, unheard and unpaid.

WORKING at being a better person, parent, partner and friend is the most valuable WORK we can apply ourselves to. This type of WORK requires heartfelt commitment.

For some of us, like me it can mean WORKING one day at a time at staying sober, off booze and drugs just believing we are good enough.

For others it might be about not gambling or overspending, about looking after your health, or no longer being submissive or aggressive knowing when to shut up and speak up. This is life’s hardest WORK that mostly goes on behind closed doors.

When relationships with ourselves and others gets hard, hard WORK is required. So let’s be honest with ourselves, do we roll up our sleeves, turn up our noses or not turn up at all?

The only approach that will get us through hard times, is hard WORK.

The hardest WORK to succeed at in life is sustaining our self-respect through self discipline, which requires a quality relationship with ourselves first, then others. Only with a commitment to an emotional WORK ethic that honours our personal truth will we find deep empowerment. Personal empowerment offers us the greatest rewards and opportunities.

Jobs and careers can come and go but our emotional WORK ethic will help us to our feet and sustain our self-respect and dignity when life knocks us over.

When things get difficult it doesn’t mean our heartfelt dreams have become impossible or that its time to give up, it just means we have to WORK harder for them.

Being committed to doing the hard WORK behind closed doors, away from applause and pats on the back is what actually makes life and love become easier.

Our commitment to WORK for our dreams removes three of life’s major hurdles, boredom, unhealthy distractions and poverty (emotional, financial and spiritual).

So let’s WORK hard on our self-discipline in order to build our character behind closed doors and allow our personal success, emotional empowerment and self-respect to speak for us?

Let’s also remember moving forward that as we age we either build our personal empowerment through our emotional WORK ethic, or we lose it.

What’s happening for you?

Will you be a grand and credible elder if you continue with your emotional WORK ethics or someone who is a bore and a chore to visit for younger generations? As we grow older we either become listened to more or less. If we ignore our truth others will ignore us too. Whereas if we listen to our truth and live a life of honour, we create credibility and respect and become worth listening to.

So lets remember moving forward that the bigger the emotional challenges are that face us as we mature, the bigger the opportunity for an extraordinary life is for us.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.