When our heart is in it, and we really want to do something, we find a way.

When our heart is not in it, sometimes we are fearful to admit it, thus we make an EXCUSE.

Sometimes we are just not ready for change or the next step.

Others might be ready, and we may be shaming and shoulding ourselves because we are not. But, if our head, heart and body are not in alignment, that is not wrong, it is simply our truth. It just means we are not ready, we don’t feel safe, or we need more time and information.

An apple ripens in it’s own time. Not when others think it should.

Mother Nature and Father Time operate Universal laws like the tides, the weather, gravity etc. Our heart in my view is connected with these very same Universal laws of truth; you can’t fuck around with them.

Some things, situations and people just need time.

An apple tastes like shit if you pick it too early then bite into it.

Sometimes the “just do it” approach (in my view anyway) is unwise and born of peer pressure, approval and impatience.

In certain situations the time is just not right for us and our heart will let us know, we will feel our red “stop” light go on.

When we feel a red light instead of our “green go for it” light, we either face our truth with love and self-respect or with fear and shame.

If a situation arises that we’re not sure about or ready to commit to, if we’re honouring ourself we can simply explain and say …

“Thank you, but no thank you I’ll have to get back to you.”

When we self honour we can be transparent and thus respect ourselves and others by simply speaking our truth. However if our heart is full of fear we hide our truth when we offer an EXCUSE.

EXCUSES erode our self-respect and the respect from others because everyone has a bullshit detector. We know in our heart when others are not speaking the truth but offering poor EXCUSES.

The ol’ “the dog ate my homework” does not really wash with anyone.

So if we are working on achieving a dream, but need to take a break, re-evaluate our plans and even change direction, let us just ensure we respect others and ourselves and speak our truth.

It requires a robust level of Emotional Fitness as an adult to offer a transparent explanation not a childlike fearful EXCUSE.

If we still encounter opposition because others are impatient and are trying to persuade us to “just do it” we’ve gotta own our choices as adults. If we hold our hearts ground unapologetically by asserting ourselves respectfully, rather than fearfully arguing we increase rather than diminish or self respect.

Simple really! Easy no.

The simplest things and the right thing in our life are rarely easy, but that is no EXCUSE for us to not back ourselves and our dreams.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.