Fight, Flight or Freeze?

These are all important “F” words for us all to use wisely.

When it comes to processing fear-fuelled situations what will we choose?

If we FIGHT our body makes the call with the motive to dominate and take power.

If we FLIGHT our head decides brain is better than brawn. Its motive is to submit and retreat from their power.

If we FREEZE and our head and body is trapped together in anxiety then we have no power.

The only way we are able to respond with balance and ability is if we stay heart connected. Our heart empowers us with respect for self and others. We free ourselves and others from dark fears when we bring respect to the situation.

Love is a human’s centre of gravity where head, heart and body connect and power us up with respect so we can calmly and naturally respond with dignity, not react in fear.

Let’s remember if arguments arise or conflict crosses our path that we are adults that have a choice. So if fear shows up, let us make sure we stop and take a deliberate slow, deep breath inwards and pause. This gives us time to flick on our heart switch. Then if we allow ourselves to deliberately exhale through our mouth the sound ‘phew’ is involuntarily released, reminding us that fear just made a close call.

Respect is the ultimate currency in life. It is a form of love and power we can access that dissolves fear in a humanitarian way. So if fear calls let’s answer it with heart and self-respect.

Personal power is a freedom that we work for and earn. An abundant life is cashed up with personal power and respect. Our heart gets to spend this currency freely on life’s true treasures, love, joy, peace and beauty, every time we respond and face fear instead of reacting with FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE!

May we continue on our life’s path empowered with self-respect, no matter what difficult personalities we encounter.

Giving ourselves permission to wear what we like, how we like with unapologetic joy is a simple yet great start in exercising our personal FREEDOM and empowered self-expression. Let’s stop fighting and fearing what others may or may not think of us.

It is our birthright to feel FREE to enjoy being who we are with a relaxed heart, and live happily ever after in our marriage to our heart.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
© Copyright 2017 Cynthia J. Morton Emotional Fitness™

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Cynthia Morton

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