“What we FOCUS on grows”

I know we have heard this phrase a million times in life, but it is so bloody obvious we miss the crux and importance of its message sometimes!

We can choose to see the glass half empty or half full. We can focus on what is wrong in our lives or we can FOCUS on what is right. Acknowledging both is a balanced approach sure, but FOCUS is about where we concentrate our energy.

So we always have a choice. Gratitude or grief?

Whatever we decide to FOCUS on we need to acknowledge the emotional responsibility as an adult with choices. Because whatever we choose to FOCUS on we will get more of. Energy is magnetic; creation is an extension of thought.

Think lack, and we get a life that’s lacking. Think abundance and we live fulfilled.

So let us learn from our past and plan for the future by putting our FOCUS on this beautiful present day because that is where all the fun is! We always have a choice. Will we FOCUS on life with the grace and gratitude of an adult or with the grief and powerlessness of a child?

Let’s remember to do a deliberate REFOCUS if our hearts are feeling heavy and life seems to stink at the moment? Yes things do get tough and shitty, but if we long for beautiful roses to one day fill our hearts garden, and lots of them, we will need a big delivery of fertilser and the more manure within it, the better it is for our roses growth.

Remembering this is something I used to lighten my own heart and activate my sense of humour and gratitude when life seemed to stink. Shit makes great fertiliser.

Lotsa shit can mean lotsa roses down the track. We just gotta get busy gardening that’s all.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.