“The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its FRAGILITY.”

Paulo Coelho gently reminds us of this universal truth.

Honouring emotional FRAGILITY within ourselves and with others, is rare, sacred skill of the wise-hearted.

Many of us feel FRAGILE when we expose to those we love who we are and who we are not. Being loved for all of who we are and feeling free to speak our truth and not betray ourselves for the approval of another can be challenging in relationships.

Wisdom is only achieved as we mature, if our heart is consistently truthful. When we wander away from honouring our truth through fear or complacency, and we all do (none of us are saints), we will lose respect if we don’t correct ourselves. Respect for ourselves and with our loved ones is vital for relationship longevity. Intimacy, passion and reliability are only accessible in relationships to those of us who are courageous enough to show our FRAGILITY. We’ve gotta own our mistakes, become willing to apologise and take full responsibility for our own fears and occasional emotional laziness.

Love before ego. It’s the sacred vow that too often we all forget. When relationships turn sour, one or both have put ego before love. We become rigid and close-hearted when our ego is in charge. We allow ourselves to become FRAGILE and open hearted when love is our driving force.

A little baby bird fallen from its nest in the palm of our hand echoes how vulnerable we can all become in life, and in love. Beauty and FRAGILITY are woven together. The most beautiful things in life are often the most FRAGILE.

So let’s become as gentle and respectful with trembling hearts that might surface (including our own) that we can, providing safety and reassurance as we would for a stranded tiny bird.

It takes great strength of character to truly respect and honour a FRAGILE heart.

Human FRAGILITY allows growth and change to occur. Only when our heart is open can we truly live, learn and love wholeheartedly. Tender and FRAGILE moments create an opportunity for us to improve our instinctual, compassionate, sensory wisdom.

May we all embrace the beauty of FRAGILITY more and let love rule our relationships.


Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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