“The FUTURE belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” … Eleanor Roosevelt advises us.

Therefore us dreamers, who believe in investing and creating beautiful dreams as carrots to work at tasting for ourselves, are perhaps on the right track.

All I know as I’m no prophet, is that the best way to predict our FUTURE is to work on creating it for ourselves, one day at a time.  So if we want to check in to gauge our current relationship with our FUTURE these few questions always help to take our emotional pulse.

1. Do we fear or look forward to our FUTURE and getting older?

2. If we look at the five adults closest to us (not including our children or pets) are we pleased to be continuing journeying into the FUTURE with them?

3. Do we have any elders in our emotional orbit that make ageing and the FUTURE an attractive path?

If we fear getting older it’s important to ask ourselves why, and to work on replacing our fear with love and perhaps more emotional support.

If you, like me, have been surrounded in younger years with elders that made ageing and the FUTURE something to dread, you may need some help to delete these emotional files.

For some of us our elders (the lantern bearers of love for the FUTURE) died an early death from unhealthy living, or have disdain for relationships, having given up on love stating when it comes to lovers ”they’re all the same.”

We may feel that our FUTURE like our elders (ambassadors for FUTURE life) does not hold much to look forward to.

The five key adults that are closest to us, that will be accompanying us on our journey into our FUTURE, perhaps our partner, parents or intimate friends, need our attention. If their lives are dominated with love and positivity that has a major impact on the energy we nurture our heart with, as will any of their fear and negativity.

Our nearest and dearest either encourage us to build a beautiful FUTURE with their love and support or drain us with their fear and self-absorption.

My therapist once answered my fearful questions about my FUTURE as a single mother in recovery, as I found staying sober and positive so challenging when around some adults that were a part of my biological family.

He said to me very slowly and clearly, and I never forgot it …

“Cynthia, if you want a glimpse of your FUTURE it will be greatly influenced by the five adults you spend most of your time with. Do they bring love or fear to your life, do they add or take, help or hinder?”

I personally have had to make some very tough relationship calls to protect my and my children’s FUTURE.

It was so worth it.

The FUTURE, our FUTURE, is a big word, it either brings us excitement or dread.

Our FUTURE comes to us one day at a time to build with love or fear.

What will we choose today?

And what kind of ambassadors for the future have we become as elders for the generations following us?

Here are the best three tips I have been given about dealing with our past, present and FUTURE in life.

That is for us to:

1. Deliberately invest time to heal our past,

2. Live fully in our present and …

3. Dream big and beautifully for our FUTURE.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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