We can choose GROWTH, or we can choose comfort. We can have both, but not both at once. Comfort without its partner GROWTH regresses us into boredom. GROWTH without it’s buddy comfort only accelerates us into anxiety. They leapfrog us beautifully through life if we relax and embrace them both accepting their gifts as a duo, like we do with night and day, hot and cold, love and fear.

GROWTH enables us to heal, mature and progress in life. However when we experience deep heart healing, it doesn’t feel like GROWTH nor comfort. It often feels like we have endured an internal death; we have.

As the caterpillar sheds its cocoon its life, as he/she has previously known it has ceased once and for all time. For the butterfly of self-love within our heart to gain life and spread its wings, our un-winged old self that doubted a beautiful life would ever be ours, must die.

Letting go of past limits, embracing new freedoms, and living with the results of our emotional GROWTH can feel overwhelming. Often new freedom is accompanied with feelings of loss for what is no longer.

It is our deepest pain that motivates GROWTH guiding us to fulfill our true potential.  Our hard earned GROWTH is ours to own and enjoy for we only become strong because we no longer choose weakness, we only become fearless when we refuse to live in fear, and we only gain wisdom through living with the results of our past foolishness.

So today lets remember to take time to honour, grieve and thank our internal caterpillar for bringing us this far even if we’re still a work in progress and our butterfly within hasn’t ventured into full flight as yet?

Like a child waiting for the GROWTH of their two new front teeth to happen … let’s have faith today in Mother Nature and Father Time’s wisdom for the best is still yet to come!

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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