Heart Rhythm


Suck it up, or spit it out!

Neither reaction honours ourselves or others as they demand we follow a disrespectful command. We don’t learn our HEARTS own natural RHYTHM of expression if we continue to take cues from others.

Speaking up and shutting up is an adult’s choice. Only children are forced by emotionally uneducated adults to take commands like a pet.

Let’s ensure today if an internal or external voice attempts to shame us into saying what we’re not ready to, or into silencing us when we need to speak up for ourselves we remember the choice is ours not theirs?

We teach people how to treat us so it is our responsibility to educate them and reclaim our right to our own HEARTS RHYTHM.

There is great wisdom in choosing the correct time and place in our lives to communicate what is in our heart.

Let us also ensure today that when we choose silence or discussion we do so with love not fear in our heart? We have more power and impact when we respond lovingly.

If we take our time and learn how to better honour our HEARTS unique RHYTHM we will intuitively know when it is best to say nothing, or speak up clearly and calmly with the grace of an adult.

So let us not react fearfully today by sulking or yelling as children do and give our power away? Otherwise someone is likely to take our lack of inner discipline as their cue to take charge and order us to suck it up or spit it out!

May we relax and groove to the inner melody of HEARTS our own RHYTHMIC desire for silence and or discussion on this beautiful day?  For as Terri Guillemets reminds us …

“When you dance to your own RHYTHM life taps its toes to your beat”

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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