Some of us at times of vulnerability become accustomed to pretending and HIDING how we honestly feel, behind … busyness, food, alcohol, money, pills, parenting, work, drugs, sport or drama.

When we resort to HIDING and protecting our heart behind “weapons of mass distraction” we put our lives, our truth and any possible heartfelt happiness on hold.

Ego-based happiness (intellectual gratification, awards, financial gain or physical adrenalin rushes, irresponsible lust or excessive exercising) are of course pleasurable distractions, yet pleasure is designed to be transient and thus fades quickly from memory.

Heartfelt happiness is based in self-respect, truth and love and is automatically stored in our heart’s library for our personal eternity and can be accessed any time we choose. However, when we HIDE from our truth we lock our heart’s library door to ourselves and others.

HIDING from our truth stunts our capacity to become better people as we mature; our credibility and respect can only improve with our capacity to be authentic and transparent without the need to HIDE who we are and who we’re not.

As soon as we start trying to HIDE our fears and vulnerabilities we are bound to also limit our capacity to freely love and relax in our strength. Let’s remind ourselves today of the empowered person we choose to be and come out of HIDING; so that the fearful imposter who has been masquerading as us all of these years will breathe their last breath and give us back our lives.

The easiest way to get lost in this life is to HIDE from our truth.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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