I’m taking a break

??Im delayet pereryv …. That’s Russian for ….. I’m taking a break✈️

Where am I going?

I’m so excited to be heading off on a 6 week Winter Wonderland holiday ☃️❄️ with Mr.Delicious. We fly out this evening. Our first stop is St Petersburg where we’ll celebrate New Years Eve?, then Moscow, Prague, Switzerland, Paris, London, Honkers then home.

Mr. D. is an amazing photographer ? so I will be posting hoilday snaps along the way and doing some fun holiday blogging on social media too from time to time. However … For my Daily Word Vitamin ? (DWV) followers, please excuse me, as I have the next 6 weeks off commencing today from work which for me … this one woman show … involves manually posting my Emotional Fitness DWV’s every morning on all of my social media. It takes a while each morning and my holiday hubby has asked to to take break and not be a busy bee ? workaholic each morning so I can fully be with him.

Some of you may not be aware that I have also been writing for my dear friends Deborah Hutton’s and Sonya Keenan’s amazing website balancebydeborahutton.com.au for quite a few years now too. So if you currently don’t follow or subscribe to their website, please do as this site automatically posts my DWV ? every day too on social media … so you can continue to receive them through Deb’s site in my absence.

You will still be able to access over 400 DWV’s whenever you choose from my website www.cynthiamorton.com and can view anytime over 200 Emotional Fitness YouTube clips @ cynthiamorton and of course still follow me as I post holiday snaps on instagram @ emotionalfitness. Please note if you place a book order on my online shop ? it wont be shipped to you until February 2018.

Our big beautiful German Sheppherd Mr. Max ? is a bit sad we’re leaving him but he will have to remain at home ? to guard our nest along with my sons. So thank you to Mr. Maxie Moo and our boys for doggy and house sitting for us.

And thank you also to you too … my social media family and my Emotional Fitness clients for all your support throughout 2017. I was in awe and so overwhelmed when I hit over 100,000 followers on my emotionalfitness Instagram this year. I’m so very grateful for all of your heartfelt support, encouraging comments and for the love?.

I hope you have a beautiful festive season, and that you also get a bit of a rest too. I love my work but I am overdue for some time off to have some fun, so thanks once again … lots and lots of love from my heart to yours ???✈️??????????

P.S. Subscribers of my website www.cynthiamorton.com for the next 6 weeks only, wont automatically keep recieving a new DWV emailed into your inbox each day, but you can of course still manually access daily a new DWV whilst I’m away. Automatic DWV delivery to your inbox will resume on my return early February 2018. If you’re not already a subscriber its free to become one, just go to www.cynthiamorton.com now and hit subscribe and from February 2018 you’ll receive a new DWV in your inbox everyday. Or as previously mentioned you’re invited to subscribe to balancebydeborahhutton.com.au. DWV’s offer a gentle gift to your heart each day as a reminder to do a Emotional Fitness quick check in to help keep you emotionally resilient.

Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.