Our wisdom is knowing the right path to take in our lives, our INTEGRITY grows when we actually take it.

Who are we under the surface, behind closed doors and when gossip arises and the backs are turned of those who trust us?

Are we rooted in deep personal INTEGRITY?

What moral laws have we made a committed handshake with our own heart to uphold for better and for worse, no matter what life throws at us?

What are your deal breakers and your dealmakers when it comes to self-respect?

When we desire others in our life speak about us with respect and INTEGRITY we have to earn it.  Those who know our hearts and who we truly are and what we stand for and against need to know our hearts are deeply rooted in a solid moral handshake to ourselves.  Only then will our INTEGRITY become a tangible component in our relationship with others.

Some people choose to follow the 10 commandments, the 12 steps, the 4 noble truths and a variety of other solid moral compasses in order to ground their hearts in a lifestyle of INTEGRITY.

For some of my Emotional Fitness clients the above mentioned models of morality do not ring true 100% for them so I assist them to write their own moral code.  Their deal breakers and deal makers in love and life then become a grounding point that holds them strong in their truth, that they can refer to as a moral compass if they ever find themselves lost in a relationship or confronting situation.  If we have made the handshake with our own heart rooted in genuine INTEGRITY we can then always find our way home to self-respect if we wander off track and lose our way.

So as we digest this meaty word INTEGRITY together may we all strive to live in such a way that if someone spoke dishonestly to others about our character no one would believe them.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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