intentionsOur INTENTIONS are so often misunderstood. People get us wrong and sometimes we get it wrong.

“But that’s not what I meant” is often the defensive response when what was INTENDED gets lost in translation.

Behaviour, tone, words and body language cause confusion when we are not clear and take responsibility for correcting misunderstandings. We may INTEND to help, compliment or explain but the opposite outcome sometimes results.

It’s easy to forget that others cant and don’t relate or respond to us through our INTENTIONS. It’s actions, tone and words that give our INTENTIONS credibility. We know what our heart means and feels intimately. We have been living with our own personal insight all our lives. However those who are new to our world need to learn about us from scratch. What is obvious to us isn’t always to others.

To know someone at a heart level we can often translate INTENTION even when their behaviour contradicts it, because we have learned that they mean well and are sometimes clumsy, awkward, a little lazy, abrupt, grumpy or forgetful. When they or we are like this no harm is INTENDED so we let it go, or hope they let it go to the keeper. Intimate relationships with lovers, family, spouses, children and friends involve knowing heartfelt INTENTION and moral values. However if we or they get it wrong, we mean well and INTEND to help but forget or stuff up we’ve gotta own it. If we don’t apologise when our behaviour is poor even though our INTENTIONS were pure we lose respect and credibility.

My question today is do you let your heartfelt INTENTIONS be known by those close to you?

If we won’t pay attention and honestly share our emotional needs, they cannot ever be met.

So the big Emotional Fitness challenge for us all is to ensure we align behaviour and INTENTION to work as a team. Common sense, our five common senses all need to work together so we get our message across loud and clear. Aligning our tone, eye contact, respectful touch, adjusting the way we smell and choosing deliberate tasteful language gets our hearts message across clearly. If we strive for meaningful relationships that are the whole package, we’ve got to ensure our INTENTIONS don’t get lost in translation because we allow ourselves to become complacent, lazy communicators.

These are the three areas I INTENTIONALLY work on assisting my client’s build their emotional muscle in relationship with themselves and others. Allowing our hearts to be truly known involves being freely able to say …

I’m sorry.

I love you.

Please help me understand.

If we desire quality relationships these three phrases are the core qualities that our INTENTIONS and behaviour have got to learn to master, otherwise our heartfelt dreams end up getting lost in translation and the busy traffic of life.

We may judge our own character by our INTENTIONS but let’s not kid ourselves please, everybody else judges us by our consistent behaviour.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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