Just Stop


“JUST STOP, in the name of love” ….

What we allow, is what will continue. So what is going on in your life at present that you have had a gutful of?

What do you now want to JUST STOP and no longer continue?

What blocks us from living and loving to our fullest? Our fears. We don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work that one out, however to JUST STOP a behavior is often easier said than done.

How do we JUST STOP a habit we have been repeating for decades? One day at a time, that’s how.

Too often we overwhelm ourselves before we even start working towards achieving a new dream for ourselves. Dreams are made too big for us to allow us time to grow into them. As a recovering alcoholic addict I have embraced my heartfelt dreams “one day at a time” approach to putting a STOP to my corrosive addictions. It has worked without fail for me consistently since October 12th, 1995.

So what is it in your life you would like to JUST STOP doing?

For some like me it’s drinking and taking drugs, but for many of my clients who are not addicts they too have areas of their lives where they would like to JUST STOP self sabotaging. Issues with managing finances, body weight, fears around intimacy, over spending, gambling, infidelity, workaholism, self sabotage, choosing emotionally unavailable lovers or setting healthy personal boundaries. Learning how to say yes, no and maybe is another area many of us struggle with.

Once we identify the problem areas we choose that we want to JUST STOP consistently letting ourselves and others down in, we can commence to make some constructive change.

If we commit to JUST STOPPING whatever it is we are unhappy to continue doing, just for the 16 or so hours ahead of us when we are not sleeping new healthier habits become more achievable. If we focus on having to find the self-discipline to put a STOP to our knee jerk habit for an entire lifetime sustainable change just seems too daunting. But most of us can find the willingness to implement self-discipline in small bite size pieces, just for one day.

When others ask me if I am never going to drink, smoke a cigarette (I had a three packet a day habit) or take drugs again, my answer is that I wholeheartedly hope not to. But I’m only in my 53rd year of my life, so if I live into my 80’s that’s another 30 years or so of total abstinence before me. I have yet to clock up 20 years and that has seemed monumental to achieve. So I choose not to overwhelm myself each day with the thought of enduring another 30 years without booze, ciggies or drugs. I just do one day at a time.   That is manageable and not overwhelming. And, it works for me and many fellow addicts like a charm.

So whatever it is that you choose to JUST STOP doing, why not try it just for 16 or so hours ahead of you as of tomorrow? Just for the day. And if you feel your self-respect growing, do it again the following day. Days melt into weeks then months soon become years then decades.

I leave you today with some wise melodic words of simple wisdom from the timeless Supremes as you digest today’s Word Vitamin. Why not …

“JUST STOP in the name of love, before you break a heart …. think it over

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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