KNOWING others is wisdom, KNOWING ourselves is enlightenment.

It is said the longest journey is from our head to our heart.

KNOWING rather than denying our best and worst, our light and dark, our love and fear is the only way we can find balance.  Until we know where our emotional edges are, where our no go zones start, we cannot master the art of self-respect, then self-preservation.

The genius in our years of madness and dysfunction reveals itself in mid-life.

Those of us who were brave enough to love and face the harsh loss of love are gifted with a deep KNOWING of how precious loving and being loved is.

KNOWING and studying our own fears, rather than hiding from them with external distractions, equips us to truly support others.  KNOWING and nurturing a loving relationship with ourselves equips us to truly KNOW how to love others.

Not KNOWING and accepting our heart’s value leads to a life of emotional poverty and eventual bankruptcy.  Our internal relationship based on love instead of fear and denial ensures we accumulate self-respect and gifts us with the ultimate currency in life.

External wealth and beauty does not and cannot buy internal self-respect.

So let’s review this word and our KNOWING of our own heart’s value.

Let us ensure we are not seduced by external wealth like beauty and money and ignore our heart’s truth.

Financial wealth and physical beauty will not protect any of us from a sad life of emotional poverty.

Our KNOWING and honouring of all that we are and all that we are not … is a wise, emotional superannuation plan.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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