Show me, don’t tell me!

Powerful LEADERSHIP is mastered when it doesn’t involve bullying, hypocrisy or intimidation. This includes how we parent, mentor colleagues and clients and sustain any quality relationship.

We must lead by example if we seek credibility and respect.

It is worth asking ourselves what emotional skills and lessons we are modeling through our own behaviour in life to our children and with other important relationships.

When it comes to our love life, our friendships, and our work life would we be happy if our children or those who look to us for guidance ended up like us? The answer to this question for me back in 1995 when I was living in active addiction, disrespecting myself and my relationships was a big …

“Hell no”!

The last thing I wanted for my sons (then aged 7 and 9) was to grow up and be as disappointed in myself and life as I was at age 33. We lead through example not promotion. All our talk about morality and emotional ethics means nothing to our children or anyone else unless we actually live it. We are simply hypocrites, bullshitting others and ourselves if we regurgitate admirable values and words, but do not honour them ourselves.

We gotta walk the talk. Easier said than done, as it truly is the road less travelled to earn respect, because anyone can talk the talk.

These days I can say with my hand on my heart if my sons are as deeply in love with their partner, their children, their quality of life, their work and if they are in as much awe and gratitude to this big beautiful world as I am … I will be absolutely delighted. I can then leave this world in peace that I LED by example and gave love, life and my sons my best.

In order to bring out the best in others and create a peaceful environment we need to first become willing to give the best of ourselves to ourselves. Then pay it forward to others.

So let’s remember if we desire leadership and peaceful outcomes in our lives, we must, as Gandhi advised …

“Become the change we wish to see in others and our world”.

This occurs naturally when we focus on replacing our fears, with love. Only then can we truly earn credibility, respect and willingness from others to listen to us as we create magnetic LEADERSHIP through our example of our own personal conduct.

May we LEAD more gently from this moment forward by ensuring that we choose to stop fighting ourselves, end our inner war by honouring instead of denying our hearts truth.

Living in peace, happily ever after within our own skin is not a naive fairytale but our birthright for us all to master within our lifetime.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.