“We must believe in LUCK, for how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?”

Maybe you can relate to this honest statement from Jean Cocteau.

In my experience, LUCK and endurance seems to go hand-in-hand. Those that keep trying, that do not give up when the dream gets really hard to keep believing in. Enduring hardship, gossip, betrayal and disappointment in ourselves and others seems to be the path we must endure if we wish to change our LUCK

“You’re so LUCKY”! is a comment we often hear when our hard work has finally paid off and it is time to allow ourselves to bask in the sun of our success for a while.

I believe wholeheartedly in the saying “the harder you work, the LUCKIER you get.” We all have to face this interesting word in life whether it’s through what society labels as good LUCK, bad LUCK, hard LUCK or no LUCK.

I am personally attracted to people who have had a multifaceted relationship with this word LUCK. Most of us throughout life have our share of no LUCK, hard LUCK and bad LUCK when it comes to relationships, lovers and life.

My husband Mr Delicious arrived from the UK in Australia 30 years ago having lost his father as a young boy, with $27 in his pocket, no job, no girlfriend, no home and no friends in this country, down on his LUCK some might say. Today as a successful engineer he’s a self-made man through his diligent work ethic, not just financially, physically and intellectually, but emotionally too.

LUCK some say is when “preparation through hard work, meets opportunity.” I myself with a childhood of violent abuse, decades of my own heavy drug and alcohol addiction have also at times felt low on LUCK. I believed I was jinxed at this game called life by age 33 as a recovering addict, single mum with two young boys living on a pension.

Mr Delicious, I and maybe you too have had LUCK issues with relationship choices throughout the years. Some of us try our LUCK at marriage once, even twice before our LUCK eventually seems to change.

Or was it us that changed?

I had a person say to me recently…

“You’re so lucky to be married to a man like him.”

I thought for a while about how and if LUCK was really what the quality of our many beautiful years together was really all about. I know we have both been vigilant about working hard on our fears and ourselves and made immense life-choice changes. So I then responded with…

“I think his ex-wife would disagree.”

You see I am a strong believer that we all have the ability to bring out the best or the worst in others and ourselves. If we are living in fear we bring out the worst in ourselves, we get the worst results in relationships and financial reward within our career never seems to be fully realised. We choose to call this either hard LUCK or just plain bad LUCK.

In my experience fear is fertiliser that grows bad LUCK. However, I’ve also experienced within my own life and in helping clients improve their Emotional Fitness, that what could once be labeled bad LUCK can surely change in our lives. When we commence living from a deliberate place of love and focus on improving our quality of self-care bad LUCK withers.

Love is most definitely the fertiliser that stimulates the growth of green shoots of good LUCK. So today as we review this word in relation to the quality of our life perhaps it is all just about the LUCK of the cards we draw. However, if we choose to play a great hand with fear, guess what … bad LUCK, we will lose. We can be dealt shit life cards yet still choose to play a bad hand with love.

Let us decide to not throw in the towel with fear when we are dealt a shit hand, but continue on in good sportsmanship, for eventually we can find a way to win. Many amazing people are dealt bad hands and have shitloads of bad LUCK, but what is important is that we do not let our fear win and give up on love.

I wish you a winning hand in the years ahead no matter what cards you are dealt!

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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