Masculine Or Feminine


As adults seeking quality intimacy it is essential we master the art of true partnership.
But first with ourselves.
Our FEMININE energy expresses how we feel within our internal world. Our MASCULINE energy orchestrates how we manage ourselves through our thoughts and actions in our external world.
Regardless of our gender or sexual preferences in adult life, until we learn how to honour and work harmoniously with our own MASCULINE and FEMININE ENERGY we are unable to do it long term with another.
When our FEMININE (our feelings) become wounded we can so easily slip into bossyfussbum overbearing maternal, bitchy teenager or frightened little girl mode when conflict arises. Either of these aggressive or submissive states are passion-killers for any adult partner.
We need to remember that we are organically programmed to keep our sexual arousal instincts away from mother figures. So healthy adult hearts are not passionately aroused by smother mothers, insecure, childlike, bitchy or disempowered girly behaviour.
Mature adults seek respectful confidence (if we’ve got a difference of opinion) honesty, ownership (when we’re afraid or confused) and a sense of humour when we stuff up. These attributes make us actually very attractive long-term partner material. Emotionally Fit and healthy hearts find these qualities a real turn-on actually. These responses are intimacy builders and passion enhancers.
When our MASCULINE ego is wounded we can so easily slip into dominating, demeaning dad, a rebellious (fuck you, bring it on) adolescent or sulking-boy mode when conflict arises. Either of these aggressive or submissive states are also passion killers for any self-respecting partner. Empowered grown-ups get pissed off real quick with any attempt at disrespectful dominance. We are also organically programmed to have our nurturing instinct override our libido around dickhead dads, angry adolescents and sulking little boys.
So a little reminder if we would like to bolster intimacy and perk up the passion in our love lives. Let us not smother mother our partners today with excessive FEMININE ENERGY dumps. That includes not turning into a teenage superbitch or dropping our bundle like a hysterical little girl, then wondering why they do not want to be intimate.
It is also important not to strut around like an unbearable rooster puffing ourselves up with excessive MASCULINE my way or the highway ENERGY either. When we start acting like a dominating dad, a dickhead teenager or a powerless boy and expect our lover to overcare for us, it will backfire. We must take responsibility for misusing our MASCULINE ENERGY, not wonder where and why their desire and passion has gone. Healthy adults will distance themselves until we re-establish respectful partnership behaviour.
I personally am still a recovering smother mother, bossyfussbum, bitchy dickhead and hysterical child at times. Nowadays I go to these emotional places a helluva lot less, but must confess I am still a work in progress at balancing my MASCULINE and FEMININE ENERGY in harmony 24/7.
I will let you know when I have mastered this one!
Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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Cynthia Morton

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