To be able to make a clear connection when we are communicating, so that we are not MISUNDERSTOOD, we must focus on and take responsibility for the emotional energy (silent heart language) we create between ourselves and others.

There are universal laws that apply to us all as we communicate that transcend age, culture and gender.

We either work with or against our only two options.

They are non-negotiables that occur whether we like it or not, like night and day. The inescapable truth is that when we communicate our heart’s door is either open with love or closed in fear to self-protect.

When we feel safe and supported we can be fearless and open, welcoming others.

When we are unsure, in new territory or triggered back to old territory we close in fear to self-protect. In doing so we are often MISUNDERSTOOD.

Understanding that it is our heart’s silent emotional energy, or the absence of it, that determines whether our communication is understood or MISUNDERSTOOD can diminish our confusion.

So moving forward, one day at a time, let’s try to remember that if we become fearful or we’re MISUNDERSTOOD, to not judge ourselves or others harshly if we need to shut our heart’s door for a while.

Self-preservation is human instinct and at times a wise option.

All of us need to close the door on the world at times to gain insight, emotionally refuel and self-consult.

We’ve just got to remember to open it again, understanding love and fear like night and day visit us all, and that we are not wrong or less when it visits us. Just human.

This inconvenient truth by Ja-nae Duane is worth considering …

“Be willing to get uncomfortable and be MISUNDERSTOOD. That is where great things happen”

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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