Everyone seems NORMAL, until you get to know them …

When we use the word NORMAL in comparison to others to make one of us right or wrong we emotionally self-harm.  The only healthy and accurate benchmark to use when tracking our Emotional Fitness is to compare ourselves to the person we were yesterday, last week, last year or the last time a similar thing happened in our lives.
One of the universal truths I have discovered working in the field of emotional recovery is that most people spend the second half of their lives getting over the first. We all have emotional issues, just in varying degrees, about a variety of stuff and there is nothing new under the sun.
What I have come to believe through working rigorously on my own issues since 1995 and with others from all walks of life from celebrities, elite athletes, in jails, rehabs and psyche wards, is that a NORMAL life is quite an abNORMAL occurrence.
Actually I have never met a NORMAL person I must confess. I was told by my therapist when I first commenced unpacking what I thought of my shamefully strange emotional baggage begging him to heal me and transform me into a NORMAL person.
He said to me with gentle warmth and respectful humour …
“NORMAL is only an accurate description for explaining cycles on a washing machine, it doesn’t exist in human lives, Cynthia, there is no such thing.”
What a relief it was for me to hear the truth about the ever-elusive state of NORMAL.
So let’s not self-abuse or self-neglect our divine individuality ever again by buying into the damaging illusion that NORMAL really exists for us in comparison to other’s lives?
Another helpful tip I was given was to remember that the only NORMAL people that do exist are the ones we don’t know very well.
Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

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