We can view our world with our focus to learn about life from “hindsight”, “mindsight”, or my preference “kindsight.”

We have heard the saying …

“We’re all geniuses in hindsight.”

The “Just Do It” focus is about letting our body take the lead when it comes to our life. Act first, ask questions later. Unfortunately, too often with this PERSPECTIVE we spend more of our time than necessary apologising and wishing we had acted differently.

The overthinking PERSPECTIVE of “mindsight” where we let what we or others think rule our life can lead to procrastination or the opposite, a hectic list-following lifestyle, having to tick all the boxes. An exhausting, perfectionistic approach.

Then there is my preferred PERSPECTIVE of “kindsight” that requires the most discipline focus, yet offers us the most reward.

With our focus directed on “kindsight” we build our heart’s muscles. If we train ourselves to allow our heart’s loving wisdom to put its gentle arms around our actions (body) and thoughts (head) and work together our PERSPECTIVE changes; we look for the good in others and ourselves. With our PERSPECTIVE on life focused on “kindsight” differences and challenges become opportunities for growth and more intimacy.

We can look for the best or the worst in others and ourselves; it’s always our choice. We focus on either love or fear in other words. With our PERSPECTIVE disciplined to focus on “kindsight” we remember to look for the good, for what we look for we will always find. If we look for fault we will surely find it, and if we look for gifts we will find them too.

It is that age-old truth none of us can escape …

What we focus on grows.

When others complain about personality differences with the PERSPECTIVE of “kindsight” we can focus on helping with solutions rather than hindering with shame and focusing only on the problem i.e. …

• Nitpicking becomes an eye for detail
• Controlling becomes a desire for organisation and boundaries
• Irritability just an alarm for fatigue
• Anger a reminder to address fear about perceived loss (respect, understanding, etc.).

So let’s decide to focus our PERSPECTIVE just a little more on “kindsight” and look through lenses of love, not fear at ourselves and those in our world.


Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
© Copyright 2016 Cynthia J. Morton Emotional Fitness™

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Cynthia Morton

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