“If you love a flower growing wild, leave it in its natural state, don’t remove it, because if you take it from its natural state it dies and it ceases to be what you loved.
So if you love a person’s heart like you love a wild flower, let them be as they are. Love is not about POSSESSION but about appreciation,” Osho reminds us.

It is so easy to become arrogant, controlling and POSSESSIVE with those we love, forgetting love is a luxury, a gift and a privilege, not a right.

What we fall in love with and desire from our loved ones is to be loved for who we are as we are.

We cannot ask for from others in relationships what we are not willing to give.

So let us ensure that we do not allow our fears to hijack our wild and beautiful relationships by kidding ourselves that we own or POSSESS our children, lovers, family or friends.

If they choose to love us and remain emotionally connected to us, let’s remember to cherish that gift, not take it for granted, nor demand they change their natural state, personal choices or character for our convenience.

Desire can only remain alive in our relationships if we live with a loving heart. POSSESSIVE behaviour is the result of a fearful heart.

So let’s remember to nurture the unique wild flowers in the hearts of those we love today.

Proust puts it beautifully …

“Our natural desire makes everything blossom, whereas POSSESSION makes everything whither and fade.”


Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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