“Just like a PRAYER your voice can take me there” …..

Where? Madonna had her own destination. Do you have one?

Depends on where we choose to get to and if we believe in the act of PRAYER and a higher power. If we take religious connotations out of the meaning of the word PRAYER what we are left with is simply…

“An earnest hope or wish”.

Sometimes when we are in a dark place in relationships we hope and wish for things to change. There are phases in most of our lives when we feel unworthy of love and emotionally fatigued. Sharing honestly how we feel with another whether it’s in PRAYER with a God we believe in, or a heartfelt confession with a therapist or trusted loved one is healing. Giving voice to our earnest hopes and wishes is essential for our emotional health and wellbeing.

When working on improving our Emotional Fitness I have concluded that meditation simply translates to listening or receiving (accessing our inner feminine abilities) and PRAYER translates to communicating and giving (accessing our inner masculine abilities).

Life is complex and healthy relationships will involve growth and challenges so sharing, communicating and confessing emotional overwhelm is wise. Call it PRAYER, emotional downloading or a heart to heart whatever words feel most comfortable. However, let’s not deprive ourselves or others the relief of verbalising our earnest hopes and wishes when we feel lost and tired?

Mahatma Gandhi puts it beautifully ….

“Prayer is a confession of one’s feelings of unworthiness and weakness”

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

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