Protection in life is essential for our survival.

We need to protect ourselves from fear and surrender ourselves to love in this life to find peace, respect and happiness.

However, many like myself grow up with our emotional wiring back to front.  Our emotional alarms are wired for PROTECTION against love and to surrender towards fear.

The emotional airbags we require to PROTECT our heart from fear when our wiring is faulty actually starve our heart of love instead.

PROTECTION when wired soundly is a survival mechanism as a parent’s maternal and paternal instinct is wired to protect their young.

But what happens to those of us who were not PROTECTED as children?  Heart malfunction and major emotional confusion results, which we translate into emotionally dysfunctional.   We become either drunk on fear and co-dependent or become fierce warriors who remain emotionally unavailable.  Or sometimes like me a little bit of both, yes, the worst of both worlds.

When those given the responsibility to PROTECT children say things like …

I’m doing this because I love you” then inflict consistent harm year in, year out, dysfunctional back-to-front wiring results.   These children grow into adults whose heart’s PROTECTIVE airbags are used against them instead of as PROTECTION for them.  Innate PROTECTIVE devices all human hearts come equipped with, but they’re only to be used in times of crises.  However, for some people being prickly, sharp and at times emotionally toxic can become an everyday occurrence, a way of surviving life.

If PROTECTING oneself from love was how one survived every day in childhood, reversing this habit takes time and calls for an emotional technician (therapist, healer) to help.  So if toxic, prickly people with a sharp tongue show up in our own bathroom mirror or in everyday life it may be ourselves we need to watch out for the most. Let’s do our best to let go of our fear and harsh judgement and show some compassion.


Lotsa love Cynthia xxx


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Cynthia Morton

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