We all know lasting, quality, intimate relationships can’t be RUSHED, especially the one we build with ourselves.

How often do you hear yourself say …

“God, I’m so bloody tired.”

Too often?

Sometimes we don’t even realise we are RUSHING until we start to feel uneasy.

Being ‘at ease’ with ourselves is the result of us living our lives at a healthy pace for us. Feeling ‘uneasy’ is often a result of RUSHING ourselves, living our lives at an unhealthy emotional or physical pace for others.

Why do we sometimes do this?

It is usually fear driven by old core beliefs that we will be told we are not good enough or flawed if we can’t. Hmmm …. you’ve already guessed where I am going with this one? Bloody hell, when does the Emotional Fitness homework stop?

We all ask this question in exasperation at times. The answer, if you choose an abundant life of quality of every level is …

It doesn’t stop.

Clients often ask me this question about sustaining emotional self-care. My answer to them is that the principles of emotional self-care are no different to the principles of physical self-care. No matter how physically tired we get from RUSHING around at an uneasy physical pace, we don’t conclude that the solution to our tiredness is to throw in the towel once and for all and be done with physical self-care and say …

“Stuff this! I’m so over cleaning my teeth day in and day out and showering every single bloody day I’ve had a gutful, I’m done!”

In rebellion to the demands of physical self-care we might choose to just be a slob and not clean our teeth nor shower for one even two days. But we will find we start to stink and feel ‘uneasy’ after a while.
Our quality of self-respect declines when we don’t do the work to sustain physical and emotional self-care. The only solution is to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and resume at a healthier pace where we fell genuine relief and don’t burn out feeling RUSHED and ‘uneasy’.

I was taught in my very early days of recovery (by beautiful Barb) that the feeling of genuine relief is always a sign from our heart that we are back on track. Angst and uneasiness are always a red flag that our head and body (our ego) is not listening to our heart, signalling we are off track.

So if you’ve been feeling any angst or uneasiness it may be the solution is just be to slow down the “doing”, and allow yourself a little more quiet “being” time. Just not being in a hurry, being present to our own pace, then honouring it. If we don’t or won’t rest, be become the old and the restless. A pain in the arse in other words.

It is sometimes confronting to actually stop our head and body (ego) RUSHING around controlling our external world and to stand still, even if it is in the pouring rain.

Sometimes that is the very best time to stop all the RUSHING around, when there is an emotional storm going on inside us. It can become a memorably sacred time when we just let our heart connect and speak its beautiful truth, and let the storm wash away our fears.

The rest will take care of itself. Remember? If we don’t rest, we become restless.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
© Copyright 2016 Cynthia J. Morton Emotional Fitness™

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