When it comes to emotional SAFETY and commitment, our intimate relationships don’t require we offer 50/50 they require both parties give their best. That means not just physically and intellectually, but most importantly emotionally. Our heart feels SAFE with our intimate others when both parties are consistently sharing their emotional truth with respect.

In the world of relationships only separations require we go 50/50.  Trusting, beautiful, SAFE, heartfelt, intimate relationships don’t last if we only give 50/50, we’ve gotta be brave and give it everything we’ve got.

The hardest relationship to consistently give the best of our most compassionate, kind selves to is the relationship we have with ourselves.  When we do not self-honour 100%, we do not earn the capacity or acquire the ability to ask it from another.  If we are slack and half-hearted, guess what boomerangs back to us. Half-hearted relationships.

If we are not living in a SAFE emotionally respectful manner with ourselves we feel insecure within our inner world. Thus it becomes inevitable that we will feel insecure in our external relationships too.

Fearless emotional transparency is how we earn pure and lasting love, respect, loyalty and emotional SAFETY.   If we bullshit ourselves, pretend or withhold secrets, this behaviour will be mirrored back to us.  The quality of our relationships with others is always indicative of the quality of relationship we are having with ourselves.

Are we chipping away, one day at a time working on achieving our heartfelt dreams?  Or do we cheat ourselves, go back on our word when commitment becomes hard, socially awkward or inconvenient for our ego?   If we operate from a place of half-heartedness we will always feel like something in our lives is missing.

It is … Us.

The person we have all been looking for all our lives to love and respect as long as we live, is ourselves.  Respect and trust are the cornerstones of any quality, enduring, emotionally SAFE relationship. It is unfair to ask the best of another and not offer it in return.

So lets take a moment to privately ask ourselves then answer honestly …

Are we giving our all 100% to those we love?

Including ourselves?

And if not, why not? As Stephen Covey so eloquently reminds us …

“Security represents your sense of worth, your identity, your emotional anchorage, your self-esteem, your basic personal strength or lack of it”

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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