“Every saint has a past and every SINNER has a future,”

Oscar Wilde wisely reminds us.

The Seven Deadly SINS are helpful guidelines on how not to self-sabotage and wound our heart and others.

The word SIN is Latin in origin used predominantly during the days of The Crusades, mainly by archers. When shooting arrows in archery practice to sharpen their aim if they missed the bull’s eye their mates playfully yelled SIN!

It translates into simply meaning, “You missed the mark.”

We all have our own private morality or heart compass we do our best to live by, in order to hit the mark and honour our heart and those we care about. For some it is the 10 Commandments, The 12 Steps and The 4 Noble Truths, or perhaps like me just our own homemade, heart-crafted “List of Do’s & Don’ts.” Whatever we choose to live and build our character and self-respect with the seven SINS are still timeless valid checkpoints worth reviewing regularly.

Let us remember to focus and try not to SIN or miss our personal bull’s eye of balance when it comes to Envy, Pride, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Anger and Gluttony.

Most of us are in no danger of becoming a saint; you know one of those rare individuals who can master balancing these seven big boys 24/7. I personally have yet to meet one!

But for the rest of us frequent SINNERS as works of humanity still in progress let’s do our best to get closer to the mark when it comes to aiming for our bull’s eye on the big seven in our everyday lives.

When we notice we miss, or others miss the mark, let’s honour our humanity with good humour and encourage ourselves and others to have another go? For we know every saint like us has a past and every sinner like us also has the birthright to a beautiful future too, so let’s not judge others because they SIN differently to us.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

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