Sorting Through


Sometimes holding on or letting go is not helpful advice for SORTING THROUGH is what is required of us.

It is time-consuming SORTING THROUGH the emotional rubble of life left after relationships, careers and lives come to an end.

Too often it seems easier to “let go” of everything and “chuck the baby out with the bathwater” in order to avoid sitting with what little seems left. Or we delay the inevitable and “hold on to” everything, hoarding people, places and things that are no longer healthy or sustainable for us.

SORTING THROUGH life’s rubble can be a big job. But if we show up and do the work we often find little gems and treasures, and sometimes nuggets of gold. If we have a lot of wreckage to sort through it is wise to ask for a hand. Reaching out to someone who is skilled in sorting our particular type of grief or chaos is wise. We need to recruit another not rescue us and do it for us, but to help us. With a robust heart beside us we will be gently guided, for it is our heart’s responsibility to SORT THROUGH what to keep, what to chuck and what to dust off, shine up and treasure moving forward.

So I invite you to review anything you have been putting off SORTING THROUGH in your life. It might be as simple as some cupboards or drawers that have become chaotic through neglect. Paperwork, tax returns or email responses that are long overdue. Maybe it’s health related, we need to lose weight or gain strength. Or it may be a conversation, apology or invitation you have been delaying.

If we are overwhelmed with the enormity of the emotional rubble, grief, chaos or even abundance blocking us, letting go of fear and holding on to love as we SORT THROUGH the debris helps clarify our confusion.

Another tip to remember is that we do not have to SORT THROUGH the whole thing now, today. We can do it one day at a time, one step at a time, to intercept feeling fatigued before we even commence.

Baby steps are the key to any sustainable recovery and discovery!

When we SORT THROUGH the sludge and drudgery of adult responsibility there is always a silver lining waiting for us. Sometimes, too, unexpected gems, treasures and chucks of gorgeous heart-earned gold that is our birthright are just sitting there awaiting us to SORT THROUGH and claim.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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