Sugar Coated Fear


No more SUGAR COATING our FEARS.  There comes a time in adult life when we all have to face who we’ve become and put down the spatula of blame.

If we want to get more love into our life and relationships with others; we need to be willing to give up more FEAR in our relationship with ourselves.

You know what I mean?  When we go on a SUGARY emotional binge feeding ourselves with all the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” excuses as to why we keep ending up at the same place in relationships.  FEARFUL of recieivng love, and being true to ourselves.

The simple solution is in reducing our emotional SUGARY intake.  I mean our (shoudla, woulda, coulda) excuses.  It’s simple for sure, but not easy to do.  So today let’s remember that reducing FEAR in our emotional diet is just like reducing our SUGAR intake!

Natural FEARS in life, are instinctive and healthy (i.e. survival fears, swimming away from a shark, avoiding a car accident, concerns for an ill loved one) as our natural SUGARS found in Mother Nature’s lollies (fruit and honey). It’s the unnatural, excessively processed foods and FEARS that cause us emotional unrest and disease. Both man made SUGAR and FEAR can hijack our wellbeing and diminish self respect and self love if we’re unaware of its silent, accumulative, deteriorating impact.

FEAR and SUGAR for some of us can be like seductive dysfunctional lovers from our past that we look for when we get lonely and want to opt out of  responsibility for a while.  SUGAR COATED FEAR encourages us to retreat from life and love but will leave us feeling disappointed afterwards yet still looking for more.

Looking inwards at ourselves with more loving compassion nourishes us like a fresh ripe mango satisfies us before, during and after it’s consumption.  Let’s remember today that detoxing our FEARS is a daily discipline like monitoring any healthy lifestyle change.

Whenever we find ourselves binging on SUGAR or FEAR, the real question to ask ourselves is “What am I really emotionally hungry for?

So from a recovering SUGARAHOLIC amongst many other self sabotaging addictions lets just raise our awareness around any SUGAR COATED FEARS that may be sabotaging our emotional health and wellbeing today?  May we all, one day at a time, improve our satisfaction and nourishment in our emotional diets instead of enduring a sickly sweet hangover of yet more cravings and regret?

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx


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Image Source: Girls TV Series featuring Lena Dunham

Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.