“We can’t go on together with SUSPICIOUS minds. And we can’t build our dreams on SUSPICIOUS minds,”

Ain’t that the truth! Elvis has tried to sing us this undeniable intimacy reality for years!

Some people get awkward, SUSPICIOUS, even angry when others are nice to them.

When we’re guilty of consistently not being self-supportive, but always self-critical, we will have great difficulty understanding others who believe in us and love us. It’ll actually infuriate and confuse us.

Anger is always about loss, and many of us have grief that those we’d believed would stay in our life and be loyal and respectful to us didn’t. So when someone who has no biological or historical tie is being lovely to us, it feels like disinfectant on our heart’s wounds, so we wince and pull away.

Thanking others gracefully for generosity of spirit when our heart is hurting isn’t always easy. Many of us go through a phase of being cautious and SUSPICIOUS when others are giving and want nothing in return.

It is foreign for some hearts to not have an act of kindness followed by an act of cruelty or betrayal. Receiving respect and trusting love for the wounded heart takes time and patience.

Let’s remember those that seem unappreciative may be SUSPICIOUS because the disinfectant in kindness is stinging too much. And if it is us that feel the need to be cautious and SUSPICIOUS it will most likely be because we are overwhelmed, still healing and worried that this person is too lovely for someone like us.

True love is more than good, it’s grand and it takes a lot of emotional muscle to give ourselves permission to feel worthy of it. Let’s be rigorously honest though and ensure we look at our SUSPICION and check it’s not just an excuse to escape working on our heart’s wounds?

What we focus on grows, and what we look for in humanity we will find.

Most of us at some point must confess to ourselves we have been both saints and sinners. Nobody is perfect, we all have the ability to bring out the best or the worst in another, and both dualities exist in us all.

It just depends what we bring to the situation, love or fear.

Fear keeps us stuck in a state of SUSPICION, because we’re silently guilty of so much self-betrayal, we can’t fathom why others wouldn’t do the same thing to us that we so regularly do to ourselves. One of my favourite wordsmiths, William Shakespeare, sums it up beautifully …

“Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind”

Loving both the honourable saint and the guilty sinner within ourselves releases us. When we relax with the duality in our own humanity we no longer need to be so SUSPICIOUS.

In adult life, it comes as no surprise that every woman can be a bitch and every man a bastard and when they are, self-inflicted guilt and fear is governing their heart.

We teach others how to treat us.

Are we guilty of the habit of self-betrayal? If so SUSPICION will haunt us.

The reverse is always the more delightful option to discover …

When we use love as the disinfectant to heal a wounded heart we find that every woman can be a goddess and every man a gorgeous hunk of burnin’ love.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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