TEARS for fears it is not just the name of an 80s band, it is what our TEARS are designed for.

Even TEARS of joy are related to past fears.

When we see a loved one marry, a newborn child or a lover makes deep, pure love to us, TEARS of joy flush through us. Sometime joyous occasions are such a relief when they arrive for somewhere in our past we were fearful this heartfelt dream might not ever be realised.

TEARS are of course also for pain and heartache that has no words.

Sometimes watching a movie, or in my case even watching fluffy ducks on a Kleenex TV ad, can move me to tears. Sometimes we know why, sometimes we don’t. I have done a great deal of self-study and these days I understand where and why most of my tears come from. I personally see great beauty in vulnerability, nature and children so it is a relief for me when I am touched by these gentle images. They sometimes bring up TEARS to heal my heart from times when I was a child amid sexual abuse and violence and my vulnerability was not seen nor honoured.

Sometimes we might feel like crying for no reason at all.

Nameless TEARS are frequently a result of natural overflow from too many suppressed TEARS over pain that has been ignored for too many years.

Laughter and TEARS are like rain and sunshine, good doses of both are necessary for the healthy growth of our heart’s garden. One of the most important things about TEARS is that we cannot control them either, nor is it advisable to try. It was designed that way for our own good, it forces us to surrender our pretense that we are OK when we are not. It is also so bloody good for us as adults to model our ability to shed our TEARS without shame or apology, but with transparency for younger generations, as it is a healthy and normal human function.

TEARS are also to keep us emotionally honest with those we love as we age. Health research reveals crying stimulates natural endorphins, our body’s natural painkiller and our “feel good” hormones so that after the TEARS cease we feel gently sedated and a little calmer. Often a nana nap or an early bedtime to allow us to sleep and allow our heart to time to reboot is a perfect way to self-care after heavy TEARS.

Those who we frequently have a good cry with are usually our favourite people whom we love and cherish the most. Heartfelt TEARS and love are a beautiful team too.

An old Jewish proverb reminds us that

“What soap is for the body, TEARS are for our heart”

They are not to be feared, just cleared. So often after the rain of our TEARS, the sunshine of our heart’s love and hope soon returns sometimes gifting us with a smiley rainbow.

There is nothing more beautiful than a smile after our tears when hope has finally returned.

Those low on hope are often people who suppress and judge TEARS harshly with shame, stop them midstream or just fight and never allow Mother Nature to finish her natural grieving process. Others whom always feel hopeless (like I used to) about their grief resort to chemical emotional distortions (booze and drugs) in an attempt to try to control their TEARS, interrupting Mother Nature’s natural process.

So let’s remember if TEARS cross our path in future, either our own or others, to grab some tissues, let go of adding more fears to the situation, relax and let ‘em flow?

We all need a good cry from time to time …

“Am I talkin’ to you, yes I’m talking to you” … (and me too).

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
© Copyright 2016 Cynthia J. Morton Emotional Fitness™

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