One of the secrets for a happy and joyful life in my view, lies in allowing ourselves and those we love continuous small TREATS as a lifestyle choice.

“Just because” TREATS are the most delightful forms of appreciation we can give for that reason alone … “just because” we are thankful. Enjoying the little things in life takes an open, emotionally fit and relaxed heart.

Children and pets remind us how to enjoy life’s continuous TREATS of wonderment so very well. A child sees a big builders crane in the skyline, a lady beetle crawling across the fresh sheets hanging on the clothes line, or a butterfly in flight and … they stop in their tracks. In their innocence lies great wisdom as they innately understand the unmistakable importance in life to make time to stop and to take in the beautiful array of TREATS this world freely gifts us all with. They are in a state of open eye meditation as their heart drinks in appreciation, they smile in heartfelt awe.

Our pets think its Christmas Day every day, just because we walk in the door. They continuously greet and TREAT us with unbridled joy and excitement even when we are grumpy.

Our loved ones smile when they see our face at the end of the day, greet us with a gentle kiss and ask how our day was … even when we are grumpy. These are the true TREATS in life; the little things that deserve to go noticed and appreciated continuously.

If we’re grateful for what we’ve got, whether its a little or whether its a lot, we will always have an abundance of heart wealth, and cash can’t buy that. If we do not appreciate what we have it soon turns into what we had.

So from this moment forward let’s be a little more generous of spirit and TREAT ourselves and others with heartfelt appreciation for this wonderful life?

Perhaps it’ll be with an unexpected TREAT like a loving smile, a long luxurious hug, fairy kisses, a Freddo Fog, or a handpicked flower left on a pillow case as a bedtime surprise, a mini love letter on a post it note?

Just because little thoughtful TREATS are so very important to show we’re grateful for our lot in life to those that are at our side when we forget to TREAT them as well as they deserve to be. Those who love and forgive us continuously are life’s priceless gift to us.

So why not TREAT ourselves and our beloveds to a few more just because TREATS now not later?

It is not the happy people that are thankful it is the thankful people that are happy.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.