So let’s talk about TRUST issues? Yep, most of us have had them.

Our strength of character is built with our commitment to honour and TRUST our heart’s truth.

Without self-authority we lack emotional muscle to stand up to external authority. We have no credibility nor emotional resilience until we are willing to back ourselves and TRUST our own heart.

TRUSTING often means delaying gratification and waiting.

Impatient people always have TRUST issues.

We are unable to wholeheartedly TRUST another until we have a strong commitment to listen to and honour our own heart’s truth, as inconvenient as it is at times.

I hear often from my Emotional Fitness clients that they …

“Do not TRUST anyone, only myself.”

That is usually the first myth we have to unravel.

If we TRUST ourselves to love honour and respect our heart’s truth fully, we feel safe in relationships with others because we can TRUST ourselves to not self-abandon, even if the other leaves or attempts to play emotional games.

Back in 1995 I was abusing weapons of mass distraction (for some of us that means drugs, alcohol, obsession with money like overspending and gambling, workaholism, food and sex). I was not a TRUSTWORTHY person back then, I was impatient and unable to delay gratification.

When we live in our ego (head and body focus) we’re disconnected from our heart’s voice, so our heartfelt needs consistently go unmet. So we don’t feel good for long or often enough when it comes to our ego, nothing is ever enough for long.

Those of us who become emotionally malnourished and hungry-hearted grab at pleasure, often cheating or stealing what is not ours like a starving person on their knees looking for breadcrumbs of love.

When we do not self-honour we play games with our truth, ignoring our fragilities and magnifying our ego and relationships backfire. We lose.

TRUST is a seed to be grown and nurtured within our own heart first.

We cannot give away what we haven’t got.

The quality and level of TRUST we have in our selected intimate circle mirrors the level of TRUST we have with ourselves.

As we improve our level of Emotional Fitness the stronger and clearer we receive the uncomplicated instinctive signals from our heart to guide us through life.

They are simply energetic signals that inform us to either …”Stop” …”Go” …

And when we get the …”I don’t knows” we can absolutely TRUST it for we’re being messaged to just “Wait” and decide not to decide.

If we are living in our ego, delayed gratification is not a faculty of the head and body so waiting becomes unbearable and not an option. Our heart can and will patiently wait, whereas our ego when getting a yellow light of caution signalling to wait will often say “Oh stuff it” and ignore it.

Impatience indicates a malnourished, disconnected heart with TRUST issues.

Our wise heart when cautioned will TRUST and wait.

As we work on building our heart’s muscle and TRUSTING we discover that good things do eventually come to those of us willing to do the emotional work, which sometimes involves waiting.

Let us become more willing to TRUST our truth and say “No” or “I’m going to wait” if it means honouring our heart … instead of gambling with our ego.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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