Some of us feel UNWORTHY of receiving the good stuff in life.

We will remain unable to receive all those top shelf things in life, the too good to be true stuff, until we become willing to believe we’re are most definitely WORTHY.

Too many of us believe at our core that we are UNWORTHY of receiving and enjoying abundance on every level.

Pulling on the emotional handbrake can help stop feelings of our discomfort and UNWORTHINESS surfacing in full force.

Our emotional handbrake may look to others as a form of self-sabotage when in actual fact it is a form of self-soothing. Believing we truly are allowed to enjoy the rewards of life without feeling guilty for being happy, or being punished or alienated by others is a demanding emotional work out for some of us.

Those of us not used to abundance on every level i.e. emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially often struggle when life rewards us by realising our heartfelt dreams.

If we practice living from a place of love and gratitude as a daily lifestyle in recovery, we must prepare for the abundance of our most treasured private dreams to commence flowing through our lives.

As we give we must also receive.

I myself am far more comfortable giving than receiving.

I noticed myself using my old emotional handbrake before I departed on my first long overseas holiday.

I was allowing myself to take five weeks off work and have an overseas adventure with Mr. Delicious, my husband.

As a seasoned traveller he was so excited to take me places I’ had never been before Venice, Monte Carlo, Spain, Portugal and Greece. As I type these words years later flickers of my UNWORTHINESS surfaces.

As clients and friends said to me prior to my departure

“Are you getting excited?” I noticed my first reaction was to cringe with UNWORTHINESS and confess, that I was as anxious as hell.

I still struggle (albeit less than I used to) at giving myself permission to be a lush and feel WORTHY and deserving of the immense privilege to take time out to travel the world with the man of my dreams.

Prior to our departure date, each time he would go for a pushbike ride to take the dog for a run or drive off in his car I used my emotional handbrake in fear he would have an accident, or I would, so we would be unable to go. As dysfunctional as it sounds taking dreams away from myself used to feel righter and more familiar than allowing myself to just relax and feel WORTHY and deserving to receive the really top shelf good stuff in life.

My old emotional programming when I was severely punished, abused and beaten in childhood and told I was not as WORTHY or deserving as others rarely trips me up these days. I have done a lot of healing.

But as we are given more love we need to clear out deeper, older fears we had stored away and forgotten.

As I type my confessions out consistently over many years, I’ve gradually allowed my feelings of UNWORTHINESS to surface in full force, digest then own my own emotional homework around this word.

I invite you to unpack any feelings of UNWORTHINESS that may be taking up valuable space in your life, blocking abundance entering.

Let’s allow ourselves to give and receive more freely and to take our hand off the handbrake and just relax, sit back and enjoy the ride?

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.