Daily Word Vitamin for Thursday February 2, 2017: VOICE

Our heart’s loving truth is what empowers our VOICE in this world, however, it is not something that is just going to reveal itself suddenly one day.

Our heart’s loving, authentic VOICE is a gentle whisper that taps us internally, reminding us it is our turn now to assert ourselves, use our VOICE and lead in our own life.

Fear in our heart is a forceful threat that puts both hands around our throat to mute our heart’s VOICE internally saying to us …

“Don’t your dare speak”

“Who do you think you are?”

“Conform, perform and keep your mouth shut, it’s the only way to stay safe and keep others around.”

“They’ll leave, shame or punish us if we dare to speak up.”

Fear only knows submission (shame me) or aggression (shame them).

Love only knows calm assertion (respect me, respect them).

We either follow our fears or follow our love.

When we become willing to stand up and speak up giving ourselves permission to fearlessly self-honour and assert ourselves we grow, heal and watch our dreams become realities.

It is not easy, if it was everyone would be living the life of his or her dreams. It takes courage and self-belief.

Owning our VOICE with respect for others is challenging for all of us who choose to create the life our heart dreams for ourselves.

I am a person who learnt that silence was the safest option in combating violence as a child. Speaking up as an adult with this childhood emotional hangover has at times felt life-threatening. Fear thunders in my heart, my voice shakes and involuntary tears have rolled down my cheeks at times.

But as uncool as I may come across, be damned if I am giving my power away any more. I refuse to mute myself for anyone else’s approval any more.

It is so liberating.

When we become willing to speak our truth from a deep loving place it is life-changing for us and others.

Watching couples exchange wedding vows is one of these powerful times where onlookers can feel the heart’s gentle whisper assert itself with great beauty.

Saying “I do” and giving ourselves equal permission to say, “I don’t” clearly and calmly is an essential life skill.

So let us remember to deliberately check if our heart’s mute button is still on.

And if so take it off of “mute”, let its truth speak and lead us into the life we have always dreamt of.

Our heart’s loving VOICE is where our personal power resides and it can create genuine and amazing change in our lives, which is what is often called a miracle!

Love’s VOICE enables us to assert ourselves in our lives and take the lead with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child.

I will leave you with this thought to ponder …

Is it true that this is a world where only some of us can be leaders and some of us are destined to be disempowered followers? As I see it, we do have another option that builds rather than erodes our Emotional Fitness as we mature. In my experience we all have the capacity to become leaders of our own life and followers of our own heart. We smile more when we give ourselves permission to live and love this way, and it is no fairytale …

Our dreams do come true.

May love’s gentle whispers keep your heart company today.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
© Copyright 2016 Cynthia J. Morton Emotional Fitness™

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Cynthia Morton

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